Me, then

This site was previously Riyoko For Ecuador, a blog that I kept to help fundraise for my gap year. Call me sentimental, but even though I cringe slightly whenever I read through all those updates, I’ve kept them all because it was quite a big thing in my life – the decision I made when I was 18 to pack up my bags and just – go. Which was actually bloody terrifying, for so many reasons. Mosquito bites, malaria, getting lost in South America, new places and people and spaces – and also leaving school, and leaving music and leaving a me that had existed for 18 years. In truth, while it wasn’t the experience I hoped for (and I’m sure there’ll be an update about that soon enough), Ecuador was a defining moment in the journey that has led to me, now.

Me, now

Me, now. Riyoko. I am a thinker. I am a feminist. I am vegetarian and sometimes I make attempts to be vegan. I am Scottish and I voted yes for the referendum and my heart broke a little when we didn’t get it. I am a pianist. I am half Japanese. I like silence. I think about mental health, development, growing populations, climate change, cats, feminism, and art. These things I want to write about. So I write. And this blog will be a little record of the things I say.


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