There are no kangaroos in Austria

My gap year has officially started! Austria was such a fantastic trip but scary as well as it was my first experience travelling across a foreign country on my own. I had to get the train from Vienna to Graz; the landscapes were so beautiful. Sadly no photos as I was using my film camera 😦 It was even more calming sitting in that warm, comfortable, roomy train! I felt like I was on the Harry Potter set as I was sitting in a 6-seated compartment with a sliding door, the old woman with the trolley making her way down the corridor… I half expected Ron Weasley to come in and introduce himself.

Also it was my birthday last week (yay!) and I got a huge amount of Ecuador help things: an insect repellent shirt (I had no idea these existed!), loose trousers, a gortex raincoat, waterproof trousers, a torch set (which included a head torch!), maps of Ecuador, and a mini guidebook to Quito and the Galapagos. Oh and Ecuador chocolate from the Los Rios province! (Actually I think it was from Lidl. But it says on the packet…)

Nom nom nom.

Next week I will be in London for a couple of days for the pre-departure weekend! I’m quite excited but worried as it’ll probably make me panic about leaving. I would have nearly everything prepared but I missed my final jab last week because I slept in 😦 So it’s rescheduled for the middle of December.

7 weeks to go!

7 WEEKS? That’s 49 days. Oh my god so soon! Aaaah!