I have done it!

Today I received a letter in the post, with a cheque of £250 – this kind and generous and amazing donation was from the Churchill University Scholarship Trust. I wrote them a thank you card, but honestly, I can’t express my thanks enough!

I was reading through my blog from the beginning and realised it’s made up of about a million thank you’s. There’s not one post where I don’t go on about my appreciation for everything etc etc – but that doesn’t make it any less true! That’s one of the reasons why I did the concert, because I thought people would think that my thanks are getting habitual. Although now that’s over I feel like that again!

So I say it again, for the last time:

Thank you absolutely everyone who has donated, supported and given encouragement; to Leigh from the Meadows Directory, the Edinburgh Rotary Club and the Churchill Trust. Oh also to my brother’s friends and my friends family. And to those who have only heard of me through my parents! So yeah, to everyone. Thank you thank you thank yoooou!

Sorry this is getting slightly over the top – it’s just with the Churchill Trust’s donation, I have now reached my target of £4200!! (I made up the remaining money through working, sponsors and pots.) I am totally shocked and happy and thankful:

There really should be a cue for fireworks but here’s my chipmunked face instead:

Sorry I really don’t know why I stick photos like this up here. Fireworks:

I will now close my Paypal account.





So in the next couple of weeks I will make a page to help future fundraisers. At the beginning of the whole thing I tried finding that kind of information over the internet but surprisingly there’s not that much! A quick word of advice just now: blog it. This blog encouraged people to buy pots and Lizzie’s poetry, and brought me over £1000 directly through donations!

I will of course keep those interested informed of my trip, especially those who have supported me.

Thank you!


One thought on “I have done it!

  1. “I have done it! Riyoko for Ecuador!” ended up being a
    terrific blog post, cannot wait to read through even more of ur blog posts.
    Time to waste a lot of time on the net haha.
    Thanks for your effort -Margaret

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