Concert success!

The concerts today were a total success. About 30 people wanted to come, so I had to split the whole thing into to two smaller concerts, one at 3pm and one at 7pm.

After the concert there was food and drink and a chance to talk about my trip, and to say thank you (again).

Because it was really a concert to say thank you, I was never expecting to raise more than £100. But it turned out, I raised a huge astonishing £550! Aaaah. On top of this, through the week I sold 4 mugs and was sponsored £74. So that adds up to £664!

So that really means I am so so so close – £3600!! 😀 Thank you, to everyone who has supported me. I actually can’t believe it!

Post concert awkward posing:

The whole thing seemed to go down well! Including the food, I made chocolate muffins. For those interested, the programme was almost the same as last time:

Ballade in D minor (Edward), Brahms
Vision Fugitives nos 1 – 5, Prokofiev
A selection from the Children’s Corner Suite, Debussy

In other news, I’m travelling to London for a pre-departure briefing at the end of November where I’ll meet the other volunteers yay! However I also have appointments for more vaccinations this week… Eurgh.


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