Jabs eeeh!

Oh my god oh my god two people have been abducted from Ecuador, and there was a huge earthquake – 7.1 magnitude, 326 kilometres north-east from Quito. Eeeeh. So scary!

On a lighter note, I’ve raised £200! £100 from one donation (I died when I saw the email, seriously!) £20 from pots and Lizzy’s poetry, and £80 from work. Actually I played in a really fun concert today, accompanying my neighbour’s violin pupils, so the money from that went straight to this fund 😀 So that’s £2936

What. Hahahaha. That’s almost £3000! Weeeeh! So yeah, already used the phrase before, but I’m over the moon.

On a not so happy note, I’ve had some of my vaccinations… Yeah I know waaay too early but I thought I’d get them out of the way. Soo painful though!

Very exited for next week’s concert! Lots of baking to do yayay 😀 The response to the invites was brilliant, so I’m really looking forward to it!


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