School and concerts

This week has been surprisingly good – I’ve raised almost £400! The fundraising concert yesterday was a success; the plan was that I would play for a small audience at Alistair and Sheila’s in return for a donation. However the audience donated as well! So I raised £155 😀 Thank you so much! (Photo from yesterday afternoon beloooow).

For those interested, my programme was:

Ballade in D minor (Edward), Brahms
Vision Fugitives nos 1 & 2, Prokofiev
A selection from the Children’s Corner Suite, Debussy

Quite a short programme, but it went down well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

I am also now selling mugs in school! Upon the request of teachers I brought in 10 on Friday. I got an email 4 hours later to say that there were only 3 left! So that’s £70! (Although I need to confirm that, I’ll check tomorrow.)

So if any school people want to buy a mug but can’t be bothered trekking it to the Meadows, you can buy one in the staffroom 😀

Oh yeah also a man came into the shop and looked at my mugs and instead of buying one, he was like, “here’s £10, but I won’t buy a mug”. I’ve never met him before, and neither have my parents! So kind. I like kind people.

So including mugs sold in the shop, I’ve made £110 😀 Plus sponsors (£40), work and the concert yesterday afternoon, that’s £335!! Totals to £1771 aaah.


Thank you, Alistair and Sheila, school, and everyone else. It means a lot!

Also date for my home fundraising concert is confirmed as Sunday 7th October, at 3pm. Invites go out tomorrow!

And I’m thinking of going to Japan when I come back from Ecuador, on the WWOOF programme – Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. In return for working on someone’s farm, you get accommodation and food. It sounds so amazing, but I’m aware of the dangers! I love Japan. I’ll probably be going for 3 months in the middle of April. Can’t waaaait.

Tokyo, Japan (Jan 2012)

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