I’m slowly getting there. Another £200 raised from sponsors, pots and work means I have raised £1436! Actually someone was kind enough to buy one of the poetry books selling in the shop – Held, by Elizabeth Burns. The author is a friend of my family’s and donated some of her books to my fund! The signed copies are selling for £10 each at the Meadow’s Pottery, along with my mugs. So please go in if you’re passing!

A wee quote about Held from Lizzie’s website:

This collection explores the complex ways in which people and things are held – both metaphorically and physically – in the world. Through motifs of vessels and containers, the poems investigate the relationships between presence and absence, resilience and fragility. As delicate as they are vivid, the poems in Held resonate with breathtaking emotional power.

Thank you so much, Lizzie!

Also I am doing a private concert on the 16th September, at 3pm in return for a donation! I’m planning later on to do a small house concert at my house to help fundraise. There’ll be food and drink and music – I’m sending out invites later on but get in touch now if you’re interested, as there’s not much room!

And I bought a Lonely Planet Guide to Ecuador and the Galapagos, and a Rough Guide. Mmmmmmm now I will go read them and eat toast nom nom nom.


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