Jabs eeeh!

Oh my god oh my god two people have been abducted from Ecuador, and there was a huge earthquake – 7.1 magnitude, 326 kilometres north-east from Quito. Eeeeh. So scary!

On a lighter note, I’ve raised £200! £100 from one donation (I died when I saw the email, seriously!) £20 from pots and Lizzy’s poetry, and £80 from work. Actually I played in a really fun concert today, accompanying my neighbour’s violin pupils, so the money from that went straight to this fund 😀 So that’s £2936

What. Hahahaha. That’s almost £3000! Weeeeh! So yeah, already used the phrase before, but I’m over the moon.

On a not so happy note, I’ve had some of my vaccinations… Yeah I know waaay too early but I thought I’d get them out of the way. Soo painful though!

Very exited for next week’s concert! Lots of baking to do yayay 😀 The response to the invites was brilliant, so I’m really looking forward to it!


Rotary Club

So the past week I have raised another £235 through work (£170) and sponsors (£65). Also thanks to Allan for the huge amount of time and effort he’s put in helping me raise funds. You know I appreciate it!

Oh yeah and speaking of huge amounts of generosity, I got a phone call today from the Rotary Club of Edinburgh. They have decided to donate £750 to the project!! I actually can’t believe it ahaha. As a token of my thanks, I invited a few of their members to the recital on the 7th. The money helps such an unbelievable amount, and I know I keep repeating myself but I really am totally genuinely amazingly thankful.

This totals to a huge £2736 😀

Here is a photo of my friend and I as chipmunks, as an expression of my thanks.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank yooooou.

School and concerts

This week has been surprisingly good – I’ve raised almost £400! The fundraising concert yesterday was a success; the plan was that I would play for a small audience at Alistair and Sheila’s in return for a donation. However the audience donated as well! So I raised £155 😀 Thank you so much! (Photo from yesterday afternoon beloooow).

For those interested, my programme was:

Ballade in D minor (Edward), Brahms
Vision Fugitives nos 1 & 2, Prokofiev
A selection from the Children’s Corner Suite, Debussy

Quite a short programme, but it went down well. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!

I am also now selling mugs in school! Upon the request of teachers I brought in 10 on Friday. I got an email 4 hours later to say that there were only 3 left! So that’s £70! (Although I need to confirm that, I’ll check tomorrow.)

So if any school people want to buy a mug but can’t be bothered trekking it to the Meadows, you can buy one in the staffroom 😀

Oh yeah also a man came into the shop and looked at my mugs and instead of buying one, he was like, “here’s £10, but I won’t buy a mug”. I’ve never met him before, and neither have my parents! So kind. I like kind people.

So including mugs sold in the shop, I’ve made £110 😀 Plus sponsors (£40), work and the concert yesterday afternoon, that’s £335!! Totals to £1771 aaah.


Thank you, Alistair and Sheila, school, and everyone else. It means a lot!

Also date for my home fundraising concert is confirmed as Sunday 7th October, at 3pm. Invites go out tomorrow!

And I’m thinking of going to Japan when I come back from Ecuador, on the WWOOF programme – Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. In return for working on someone’s farm, you get accommodation and food. It sounds so amazing, but I’m aware of the dangers! I love Japan. I’ll probably be going for 3 months in the middle of April. Can’t waaaait.

Tokyo, Japan (Jan 2012)


So quite a few people have been wanting to buy my pots. However they don’t know where they’re being sold! Go to the Meadow Pottery, at the top of Causewayside. Here you can also buy signed copies of Elizabeth Burns’ book of poetry, Held, which have been donated to me as part of my fund! Like my mugs, they are selling for £10 each.

The Meadows Pottery
11a Summerhall Place 
Edinburgh EH9 1QE

Please please please come along and buy a mug or a poetry book! It really makes a huge difference 😀


I’m slowly getting there. Another £200 raised from sponsors, pots and work means I have raised £1436! Actually someone was kind enough to buy one of the poetry books selling in the shop – Held, by Elizabeth Burns. The author is a friend of my family’s and donated some of her books to my fund! The signed copies are selling for £10 each at the Meadow’s Pottery, along with my mugs. So please go in if you’re passing!

A wee quote about Held from Lizzie’s website:

This collection explores the complex ways in which people and things are held – both metaphorically and physically – in the world. Through motifs of vessels and containers, the poems investigate the relationships between presence and absence, resilience and fragility. As delicate as they are vivid, the poems in Held resonate with breathtaking emotional power.

Thank you so much, Lizzie!

Also I am doing a private concert on the 16th September, at 3pm in return for a donation! I’m planning later on to do a small house concert at my house to help fundraise. There’ll be food and drink and music – I’m sending out invites later on but get in touch now if you’re interested, as there’s not much room!

And I bought a Lonely Planet Guide to Ecuador and the Galapagos, and a Rough Guide. Mmmmmmm now I will go read them and eat toast nom nom nom.