I’m famous!

Not quite. But I am in the September issue of the Meadows Directory! It’s a 3/4 page piece on my trip to Ecuador, directing people to my blog. I’m on the first page of the ‘Community News’ section, on page 36.  It’ll be delivered to doorsteps on the 3rd September. That’s me on the left page below!

Like most things that happen to me, this was quite unexpected. So thanks, Leigh! You can see September’s issue here.

See I was thinking, this publicity is really good (obviously). It’s really nice people coming into the shop saying “I saw your blog, can I buy some pots?” and having totally unexpected people giving me huge amounts of money. For instance, since last week one of my brother’s friends sponsored me £100 and another sponsored me £20!! I appreciate it such a huge amount (I’ve said it hundreds of times but it doesn’t make it less true) and I’ve met both of them only twice in passing…

They have pushed forward my mini-target, because I’ve raised another £200! £120 from two of my brother’s friends plus £60 from other various kind kind people, and £20 from pots. £1236! (The photo below expresses my gratitude).

Seriously, this fundraising has helped restore the lost faith/trust/respect that I have in the humanity and generosity of people – sometime complete strangers. Thank you.  I can’t emphasise it enough.

And I’m back from a 2 day trip to London! My parents and I visited UCL which was really amazing. And I swapped my violin at the Benslow loan scheme in Hitchen. I now have a beautiful 1995 instrument which I can at last busk with! (I would seriously recommend this trust – the Benslow Instrument Loan Scheme is run by the most fantastic lady, and the instruments are all really high quality.)

There was something else I had to write in this post but I can’t remember what it was eurgh. I’ll get back to you later on that one.


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