Busking and Volcano Warnings

I am so excited about Ecuador and studying next year at UCL aaaaaaah excitement.

So today I’m going busking! I know – me? Playing solo violin?! Crazy. Anyway I made this sign so people know I’m doing it for a cause rather than personal gain:

But then I realised it’s really mushed up and from far away people won’t be able to read it! So I made a boring one:

I think I’ll use both of them to attract extra attention. I’ll be there between 11pm and 2pm on the Meadows walk near the museum, so if anyone’s around you can come and watch. I hope it all goes well!

Finally, it was on the news today that the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador is showing signs of erupting. According to red24:

Ecuador’s Tungurahua volcano has shown increasing signs of eruption. On 18 August, authorities increased the eruption warning level to orange (relatively high risk). Some communities near the crater, which are at risk of being affected, have been warned to prepare for evacuation, including the tourist town of Banos. The Banos to Penipe road has also reportedly been closed due to the volcanic activity. The volcano has emitted ash, lava and gas intermittently since its last significant eruption in July 2006, most notably in May and December 2010 and in April and November 2011. During periods of increased seismic activity, evacuation orders are routinely issued.

Eugk it’s so scary. Like, bloomin’ terrifying!


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