Great news! Since I began fundraising a couple of months ago, I’ve raised £579! That’s £375 from sponsors, £172 from selling pots (two £1 donations from two unknown nice people), and £32 from working at Doodles.

The money really started coming in since starting this blog: I’ve had some extremely generous donations, and a lot more people are buying pots. It’s really interesting that a lot of the amazing support is coming from places where I’d least expect it – from people who’ve only heard of me through my parents! This unexpected generosity is appreciated so much.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me make it this far!


Okay and more news: one of my dad’s friends has asked if I could hold a private concert at his house in return for a donation! I went round to his today and had a chat. The piano is really nice and the concert looks like a great idea! So everything is looking up 😀

I am absolutely exhausted though. I just want to sleep. I’ve been busy everyday with Spanish lessons, working at Doodles making pots and organising plans for fundraising. But then again, while it’s tiring it’s really rewarding. Because it feels like I’m doing something for funds, rather than expecting people to give me money for nothing!

So on that note, tonight I’m taking a rest (after I do Spanish homework…). I’m going to watch the men’s 100m final and cheer on Bolt and Blake. Then bed, and up at 6am on Monday morning to go to work…

(A quick reminder: if you’ve already sponsored me but not yet given me the money, you can do so through paypal using the email riyokoforecuador@yahoo.co.uk.)


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