Photos, Michel, Doodles and Boots


I got in touch with a photographer called Carl Heindl. He had taken some really beautiful shots of Ecuador, and I emailed to ask if I could use some of them in this blog to demonstrate the amazing beautiful stunning breathtaking lajkeghlskjdv landscapes of Ecuador, and he was like “yeah sure”.

I put them up on my Ecuador page which has been updated to include David Attenborough singing/talking What a Wonderful World. Take a look, the photos are brilliant – thank you Mr Heindl!



Spanish! It’s going so well, I love it. Michel Thomas is like some god: he was like, “you will never have to write anything down, or do any revision, or do any homework. Just listen and absorb”. So of course I was dubious to begin with, but after listening to 15 minutes I could already say so much!

I’m so used to learning languages and being told to memorise grammar and vocabulary, so it’s really nice to learn a language without that burden. It feels a lot more natural to speak it!

I’m really enjoying Spanish lessons at Edinburgh Uni. It’s such an intense course – two 2.5 hour lessons a week! The teacher refuses to speak in English unless you ask haha. But it really helps to hear the language even if you don’t understand a word.


I have a job! At Doodles Ceramic Workshop, in Edinburgh. All my earnings will go to my Ecuador fund! I’m really excited; I start tomorrow. Aah!


I bought a pair of hiking boots to take to Ecuador (from my savings, not the sponsor money!). They’re gortex and light and breathable and they stop leaches getting into your feet. Which is apparently a really big problem, with the Cloud Forest being so wet. Also bugs and spiders (eeeek) and other small things like to get into your shoes and eat your feet for some reason, which is why a good pair of hiking boots is important.

Aren’t they so cool? They better keep the leeches out.

2 thoughts on “Photos, Michel, Doodles and Boots

    1. I think that was Ceramic Experience at Ocean Terminal? But yeah I remember! I painted this weird bird with sparkly paint. Shame I can’t find it!

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