Spanish lessons

Outreach have sent Spanish  language CDs!

So I’ll be learning the Spanish spoken in Spain, which is Castilian Spanish. The Spanish spoken in Ecuador is Latin American Spanish. I think the main difference in pronunciation is that in Castilian Spanish, the ‘s‘ sounds are pronounced as ‘th‘ sounds, whereas in Latin American, the ‘s‘ sounds an ‘s‘. 

E.g. ‘Beer’ in Spanish is Cerveza. In Castilian Spanish, it is pronounced: ther-bay-tha. In Latin American Spanish, it is pronounced: ser-vay-ssa. 

The language set is an 8-box set, 8-hours long. I’m going to listen to one CD every night when I go to bed. Apparently learning things before you sleep means you retain more information. Something about sleeping on facts and you brain processes it blah blah blah.

Michel Thomas? I’ve never heard of him but apparently he’s “the world’s greatest language teacher” (according to the blurb) and he’s taught a whole number of celebrities. I’m also starting a 4-week Spanish course next week at Edinburgh University, which should be fun.

Wish me luck!


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