Potting about

Since sending out around 80 emails advertising my blog, I’ve been sponsored £100! And I’ve had a number of replies with suggestions and encouragement. I sent most of the emails out three days ago, so I really appreciate the support!

I’ve spent a bit of time in the Pottery as well, but it’s really frustrating as I’m so slow! I take about half an hour to make one handle… It’s even more frustrating when I see my mum and dad zip through the whole process.

The home page of this blog always looks a bit sparse, doesn’t it? To liven things up, here’s a photo of me finishing off a pot.

At the moment I’m looking into venues for fundraising concerts. I’m also considering a house concert with food etc. But for experience, I think it’s a lot better to do one in an established venue.

For inspiration I’ve been reading the Oh Comely magazine. It’s such a nice magazine, filled with stories of people’s everyday lives. Have a look!

I’m so excited for the Olympics. Especially the men’s 100m. Go Usain!


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