Spanish lessons

Outreach have sent Spanish  language CDs!

So I’ll be learning the Spanish spoken in Spain, which is Castilian Spanish. The Spanish spoken in Ecuador is Latin American Spanish. I think the main difference in pronunciation is that in Castilian Spanish, the ‘s‘ sounds are pronounced as ‘th‘ sounds, whereas in Latin American, the ‘s‘ sounds an ‘s‘. 

E.g. ‘Beer’ in Spanish is Cerveza. In Castilian Spanish, it is pronounced: ther-bay-tha. In Latin American Spanish, it is pronounced: ser-vay-ssa. 

The language set is an 8-box set, 8-hours long. I’m going to listen to one CD every night when I go to bed. Apparently learning things before you sleep means you retain more information. Something about sleeping on facts and you brain processes it blah blah blah.

Michel Thomas? I’ve never heard of him but apparently he’s “the world’s greatest language teacher” (according to the blurb) and he’s taught a whole number of celebrities. I’m also starting a 4-week Spanish course next week at Edinburgh University, which should be fun.

Wish me luck!


Potting about

Since sending out around 80 emails advertising my blog, I’ve been sponsored £100! And I’ve had a number of replies with suggestions and encouragement. I sent most of the emails out three days ago, so I really appreciate the support!

I’ve spent a bit of time in the Pottery as well, but it’s really frustrating as I’m so slow! I take about half an hour to make one handle… It’s even more frustrating when I see my mum and dad zip through the whole process.

The home page of this blog always looks a bit sparse, doesn’t it? To liven things up, here’s a photo of me finishing off a pot.

At the moment I’m looking into venues for fundraising concerts. I’m also considering a house concert with food etc. But for experience, I think it’s a lot better to do one in an established venue.

For inspiration I’ve been reading the Oh Comely magazine. It’s such a nice magazine, filled with stories of people’s everyday lives. Have a look!

I’m so excited for the Olympics. Especially the men’s 100m. Go Usain!


To make life easier I have set up a paypal account, so those who wish to donate (and have a paypal account) can do so using this email:

If you’ve already sponsored me, you can pass me the money through paypal instead of handing it to me directly 🙂

Fundraising no. 1

Over the past few months I have been raising money:

  • In April I started making pots in my parents’ shop, which are being sold for £10 each. From this I have raised £121! (Thank you to that generous man who donated the extra £1, every little helps!).
  • I have been sponsored: thank you so much to teachers, family and friends who have gone out of their way to do so! Collected sponsorship money so far totals £150.

So this means I have raised a total of £271 – I have started moving towards my total!

For more info about what I’m doing, click here.

Other ideas include organising a concert in Edinburgh or North Berwick; making ceramic jewellery; organising a bake sale. I am also offering piano lessons for beginners.